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Biodata Anggun

Anggun C Sasmi Biography Biodata

Name : Anggun Cipta Sasmior Anggun C sasmi
Born : Jakarta, April 20 1974
Father : Darto Singo
Mother : Dian Herdina
Profession : SingerEx-
Husband : Michael de Gea and Olivier Maury
Anggun C sasmi was born in Jakarta, April 29 1974 is an Indonesian singer with French citizen.
Up today, Anggun is the only Indonesian singer who ever go international.
Not only in France, Anggun is also residing in Montreal Canada.
Up to year 2005, her albums were sold more than 3 millions copies, that makes her to become a number one singer in Asia.In the late 2008, Anggun released her new album "Elevation."Go InternationalIn 1992, Anggun married to Michael de Gea, a French man. Anggun met Michael de Gea when she had a tour in Banjarmasin, a city in South Borneo. In 1994, Anggun sold her record company and moved to London, England. however, it was not easy for Anggun to adapt and it was difficult for her to find a contract record. Finally, She decided to moved to Paris, France.In 1996, Anggun met a music composer and producer, Erick Benzi. He was the man who involved in the Celine Dion, Jacques Goldman and Cheb Khaled. Benzi interested in Anggun's talent and finally he offered Anggun solo album, and worked together with Sony Music France.Private LifeAnggun married to Michael de Gea in 1992. Many believed that Anggun's family were disagreed with the marriage because the culture difference between the two. In 1995, Anggun moved with husband Michael de Gee to Europe and then they lived in London, UK, which later moved to Paris, France. However, after 7 years of marriage, Anggun divorced to husband in 1999.In 2003, Anggun met Olivier Maury in Canada and they married in 2004. Maury then became her Manager. However, the marriage between the two were not last long. In 2006, the couple is finally divorced.In November 2007, Anggun gave birth to a baby girl, Kirana. Many speculated that the father was a French writer, Cyril Montana.
Discography Albums
"Dunia Aku Punya" (1986)
"Mimpi" (1990)
"Takut" (1990)
"Tua Tua Keladi" (1990)
"Anak Putih Abu Abu" (1991)
"Nocturno" (1992)
"Gaya Remaja" (1992)
"Anggun C. Sasmi... Lah!!!" (1993)
"Yang Hilang" (1994)
"Au Nom de la Lune" (1997)
"Snow on the Sahara" (1998)
"Anggun" (Indonesia, Malaysia dan Jepang) (1999)
"Chrysalis" (2000)
"D├Ęsirs Contraires" (2000)
"Open Hearts" (2002)
"Luminescence" (2005)
"Best Of" (2006)
"Luminescence - Special Edition" (2006)
"Elevation" (2008)

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